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Plain vinyl flooring in Swanage, Poole & Bournemouth

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring in sheet form comes in 2 to 3 metre widths in a vast and almost limitless array of designs , and because it is an inexpensive form of flooring it is a popular choice for homeowners, landlords and tenants.  Vinyl flooring we know is well accustomed to be fitted in Kitchens and bathrooms with its hard wearing, impervious to water and ease of clean properties.  But, vinyl flooring doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen and bathroom areas of your home.  With the correct subflor preparations, fitting practices and care, vinyl flooring can also look aesthetically great in your livingroom, bedrooms and other domestic areas of your home with the expansive range colours and designs available.

Vinyl Flooring

from £15/m2

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Vinyl Flooring Pros

  • Soft Underfoot.

  • Large sort of designs and colours.

  • Hardwearing.  Vinyls include up to 15 years or more guarantee.

  • Resistance to water and dirt.

  • Low maintenance.

Wood effect vinyl flooring in Swanage, Poole & Bournemouth
Plain vinyl flooring in Swanage, Poole & Bournemouth
Vinyl floor fitter in Swanage, Poole & Bournemouth
 Vinyl flooring installer in Swanage, Poole & Bournemouth