Carpet fitters in Swanage and Bournemouth

Carpet Fitters In Swanage

We can supply British made carpets in various qualities from 100% wool, 80/20, to 100% synthetic and natural fibers such as coir, sea grass and sisal, with various pile constructions including loop pile, cut pile, twist pile and Saxony. We can source most carpets off the shelf within a short turnaround all inclusive with manufacturer and stain resistant guarantees of 5 years or more. We also supply with your carpet industry standard underlays from familiar manufacturer’ brands such as Treadaire, Duralay and Cloud 9 for underfoot comfort and prolong the life of your carpet.

The look of a well fitted carpet will enhance your room. It is attractive to look at, and the natural feel of a luxury natural textile. Carpet has a natural built in insulation for maintaining warmth and reducing unwanted noise from around your home.

How to Choose your carpet.

Decorating with carpet can be simple. Do you want it to blend with decor and furnishings or to be a prominent focal point? Neutral colour palettes such as earth tones, beiges greys, etc, if you want be subtle. But if you need a carpet to stand out or make a statement, then you may choose a prominent outstanding colour or you may require a bold pattern.

Your everyday lifestyle maybe an important consideration. If you have pets, children, etc you will probably want to stay away from lighter coloured carpets. With these sorts of conditions your carpet will be difficult to maintain and keep clean regardless of stain preventative treatments and warranties.

Your furniture will also play an important part in your colour selection. If your furniture is dark then you will probably want to choose a light colour so that the furniture stands out. If you have light coloured furniture then you would reverse this process.

Stainsafe Carpets

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Carpet Fitters in Swanage
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Carpet fitters in Swanage and Bournemouth