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Lower your energy bills with underfloor insulation.

You can lower your energy bills, reduce your home’s carbon emissions and increase comfort through floor insulation. No more cold feet when you make your morning cuppa!

So what is floor insulation and can any floor be insulated? The main sources of heat loss in homes is from wood floors and from draughts that come through gaps in between floorboards, skirting boards and around pipes – out with warm, in with cold in other words. Both wooden and concrete floors can be insulated. We specialise in insulating wooden floors also know as suspended floors.

Generally, you only need to add floor insulation to ground floors or floors above unheated spaces, such as a garage.


Pros for flooring insulation.

  • Reduced heat loss/waste

  • Save Money

  • Maintenance free after installation.

  • Improve your homes EPC ratings

  • Reduce your home’s carbon footprint

  • No more draughty floors

  • Floors warmer to the touch after installation of insulation

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