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Wood Flooring.

Real wood flooring, wood strip floor, block flooring, parquet, wood mosaic, Pre-finished wood flooring, Engineered Boards, Oak, Pine, Bamboo, etc...

If you have seen or stepped onto any real solid wood flooring, then you must appreciate the warm and inviting colour tones. As one of the world’s most versatile floor coverings not only do you get the traditional beauty of wood but you also gain practical advantages, such as;

Wood flooring contractors in Dorset. Solid Oak Flooring



As far as " FLOORWORK " are concerned, we have been involved in the laying and finishing of all hardwood floors for over 40 years, and we should now know a little a bit about them!
Whether it is laying a new solid wood strip floor, block flooring, or parquet, sanding, staining, polishing, or renovation of an old antique floor.

Laying a real hardwood floor is the job for a craftsman, you can't learn by attending, a seminar or short course.

In fact there is always something new to learn ! So experience is everything in achieving a first class job ! Not only practical experience that is important, but equally the theory behind it, i.e. site conditions, preparation, temperature,moisture, knowing the characteristics of different species of wood and where to use all the different types of floor seals etc



March 1, 2013